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Case Studies


Onyx $10k Club Member

Who Is He: Richard is a member from the U.K, he joined Onyx having zero experience ever trading, he runs a large scale construction company in the U.K, having almost no time in his day, he was looking for a side income that could generate him long term wealth, he joined Onyx and finished the course within his spare time.

What results did he achieve: Richard has now been trading and understanding the markets by himself and continues to educate and grow online.

How did he do this: He simply put the initial work in of learning the deep root fundamentals that we teach.


Who Is He: Lachlan is a member of Onyx, he is from Sydney, Australia and works full time as a structural engineer, he was looking to learn more about trading and increase his educational understanding of trading.

What results did he achieve: He had been trading on and off for about two years with no consistency, no strategy and minimal understanding, Lachlan is now confident and is understanding the markets through deep education both online and practice.

How did he do this: By starting fresh, focusing on learning and educating himself on the fundamental principles of trading.

William Owusu

Who Is He: William is a site engineer in the U.K, he is driven by family and financial freedom, William was looking for a new income stream and something less taxing physically, essentially William was looking for a way to make a smarter and more rewarding income.

What results did he achieve: William was in the markets trading for about three years, he had some results but he mentioned he would always give the profits back to the market, he recently broke a record week for himself.

How did he do this: Since William already had some experience, it was time for him to sharpen his tools and put his energy into learning and educating himself further.

*Note: We are no longer taking on new clients at this stage and ANY results spoken about above are not promised and are completely up to the individual.